Overnight Motorcycle Trip

I am so very excited as I finally get to completely cross off one of my 30 before 30 list! Last weekend Jason and I went on a weekend trip to Martinsburg, WV. We started our trip on Thursday afternoon where we drove for several hours and stopped for the night in Wytheville, Virginia. We then woke up Friday and finished the ride to Martinsburg, WV.

The trip up was beautiful weatherwise. It was warm, but not unbearable! We also managed to get up completely dry – always a plus! While there we met up with friends and enjoyed the town of Martinsburg! It is a beautiful farming town with amazing views!


Lobo also got to go on the trip. He enjoyed sitting on the back of the bike on the way up. He still needs some leather though to make him a true biker. :)

The return trip brought weather that was not nearly as pleasant as the trip up. We did hit rain, but honestly we were very lucky as we only hit relatively minor rain. There was huge systems all around us, but we were saved from the worst of it. I did get to use my rain gear though! Lobo had to ride in the saddle bag for the rain. :)


All in all, I would call this trip a total success. Riding may teach me to be a better packer and only take the minimum – there is not exactly a lot of room for extras.

Have you done anything new recently?

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5 thoughts on “Overnight Motorcycle Trip

  1. What cool thing to have on your list! Congrats on marking one off!! I recently decided to do the 30 Before 30 as well, and I just marked off my first one! Isn’t it an awesome feeling!? Great pictures, great post!!

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