Hotter than Hades Virtual Half Marathon

This week I was schedule to run 12 miles for my long run, but opted to run the Hotter than Hades Virtual Half Marathon instead. I had seen this through several different running blogs and thought it sounded like fun. Luckily I have a great understanding boyfriend who was also up for running a half marathon distance — when you already have to run 12 miles, what is one more? I am scaring myself with this wayof thinking — I might just be becoming a runner after all. :)

I woke up early to meet Jason in Roane County, where we mapped up a run towards Oak Ridge to get in 13.1 miles. I actually remembered to take a picture prior to running… still no make up and tired eyes, but not sweaty and red.

 Off we went for our run. As usual we were both technically running at the same time in the same area, but not together. I took off at my own pace listening to my Today’s Hits station on Pandora. I was running a great pace for the first three miles, coming in at 34 minutes. By mile 5, I was only at 58 minutes — much faster than my previous 5 mile runs. I maintained about a 12 minute pace for miles 5 through 10 — running the first 10 miles in exactly 2 hours.

A little after mile 10 I had an incident with some silly small dog that decided to cross 4 lanes of traffic and come run with me. The entire time his owner is screaming at me to pic up her dog and bring him back — me pick up a strange dog?!? — I think not!! She continues screaming standing in her bathrobe in her yard. Finally after several yards of me screaming at the dog to go home and being aggravated, I ran to the other side of the road hoping the dog  would go home. He not only didn’t go home, he continued to follow me wagging his little tail not at all phased I was screaming at him to go home. After several hundred yards, he finally stopped and his owner was coming down the road. Needless to say this took the last little bit of umph I had!

The last 2 plus miles where hard and I lost all kinds of time. I did finish though with a time of 2 hours, 41 minutes with a 12:17 pace.

Jason forgot to check his map my run and ran 7 miles out, so ended up running 14 miles!! Go Jason — I am so proud of him.

We did take some post run pics with the lovely red sweaty faces. :)

I am so proud of the two of us! Another half marathon in the books!

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