Hot to Trot 2011

This morning I ran the Hot to Trot 10k through Turkey Creek. When my alarm went off I totally did not want to get up. The temps were in the upper 30’s, and it felt very cold. I almost didn’t get up, but I thought I already paid for it. Plus I need to get in some exercise before I eat all the yummy Thanksgiving food.

Luckily I knew people running today, so I was not going to be solo the entire time. Knowing that others were going to be there definitely helped. The race started at 7:30 and was another 2 loop course. The majority of the runners/walkers were there to run the 5k, but there was a decent amount of 10kers as well. The second loop was much more sparce though. :)

I would lie if I said that the thought didn’t cross my mind to only do the 5k as I finished the first loop, but I didn’t! :) I finished the second loop and got in my 6.2 miles in for the day. I forgot to set my watch, so I am not sure what my time was, but I think it was somewhere around 1 hour, 14 minutes.

Have you gotten in your exercise today?

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