Weekly Workouts (2-20 through 2-26)

I will admit I didn’t know how I was going to fit 4 workouts in this past week due to traveling Thursday through Sunday. With that said though, I was determined to keep my streak alive of working out 4 times each week. Knowing that I would be traveling, I made a point to get in 3 workouts before my road trip, so I would just have to find time to work out once on my long weekend! Mission accomplished!! This is what my week of workouts looked like:

Monday — off

Tuesday — AM and I decided to do Body Attack again. It is such a great cardio workout! I am totally soaked by the end of it, but I leave feeling like I have gotten in a good workout!!

Wednesday  — Due to class, Wednesday is normally a rest day for me, but I knew I had to get in a workout to get in my four. I decided to do two Cathy Syphers videos from On Demand — the Cardio Kick for 18 minutes and Sexy Sculpt for 13 minutes. With these two, I was able to get in both cardio and weights — a huge plus in my books!

Thursday — This maybe the day I am most proud of as I woke up at 5:30 to get in a workout before going to work. I decided to do an On Demand video of Pilates — Pilates for Posture with Michelle Rogers. I loved this one and am looking forward to doing it again!

Friday — off

Saturday — My mom and I went down to the hotel gym Saturday morning and did the treadmills. I had planned ahead and brought my running shoes along with a workout outfit. I did a 4 minute warm up, followed by running 9 and 2s (ran for 9 minutes, walked for 2 minutes). Repeated my 9 and 2 for 33 minutes, with my runs being between 5.2 and 5.5 miles per hour. I can definitely tell that my endurance and cardio has improved, as I felt great on the treadmill!

Sunday — off

Fitness – if it came in a bottle, everybody would have a great body.  ~Cher

Do you workout when on vacation? If so, do you plan it out, or just hope it gets in?

2 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts (2-20 through 2-26)

  1. Keep up the good work. It’s super hard. I’ve recently started the Cathy Syphers ondemand Calorie burnout and let me tell you, was completely soaked. And you’re right, it’s always great getting that “ahhh its done” feeling at the end when you’re all soaked. I actually found this site googling her name so I will be coming here often to cheer you on. I’ve lost a total of 55 pounds. I have another 20 or so to go to reach my ideal weight. I kind of feel like I would have lost more but got a little taken back during the holidays lol.

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