Weekly Workouts (4-2 through 4-8)

With the business that is my life, I have managed to get workouts in, but I have not had the desire to do the intense hard workouts. I feel like my body is just tired and needs a rest. Hopefully, I can get some more intense workouts in this coming week, but for this week I did get in 5 workouts — even if they were somewhat more relaxing. How are you workouts going?

Monday — 1.5 hours rock climbing. I had SO much more fun this time than I even did last night. I am already looking forward to next month!

Tuesday — Insanity Cardio Resistance — 40 minutes. I swear I sweat more with Insanity, than anything else!!

Wednesday —  off

Thursday — Insanity Cardio Recovery — somehow my disk is scratched, so I only did about 20 minutes of it, until I couldn’t stand the skipping anymore!

Friday — Jason, Max (the dog) and I went down to the river and walked 2.8 miles in about 47 minutes — it was a nice walk with a good pace — I have missed our walks.

Saturday — off

Sunday — Mom, Daniel and I went down to the farm and walked around the perimeter (1.5 miles). The terrain was very uneven, so our pace was not great, but a nice 40 minute walk. I love the feeling of relaxation walking gives.

All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking. 

                                             — Friedrich Nietzsche

Now that it is warmer outside — are you doing more workouts outdoors?

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