Sleepovers :)

 I can honestly say that I had some amazing sleepovers with my friends when I was a child — many nights of watching Dirty Dancing, choreographing dances, eating ice cream, and staying up way to late! With that being said though, I have to admit that I am starting to think that sleepovers with the girls as an adult are much more fun! Back in January, I had my first sleepover in years and had a fabulous time. This week I had another sleepover with one terrific lady! We decided to have a wine and cheese night.  We got all our cheese (mozzarella, gouda, and swiss) on a board, along with fresh basil, tomato, grapes and french bread — yum!!  We also poured some great white wine and headed out to the porch.


There we sat, enjoyed the yummy food, wine, and amazing company. It is as an adult that I feel sleepovers become a bonding time that brings a sense of relaxation! I am sure there is a variety of reasons that make adult girl sleepovers better, but at the heart of a great sleepover is an amazing friendship. I have been so blessed to meet, and re-acquaint with some amazing ladies who have shown me that women can be real and great friends. So thank-you to all my fabulous girlfriends who have taught me so much of what a great friend really is!!

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