30 before 30

I saw a 30 before 30 page on another blog (http://forwardisapace.com)  and thought what a neat idea. So what all can I accomplish in one year?? Some are small things and others are big — let’s see what happens!

1. Complete a marathon (Completed 10/30/2011)

* Marine Corp Marathon

2. Raise at least 300 dollars for wounded warrior. (Completed 9/2011)

* Thank-you!

3. Live a more healthy lifestyle (Spring 2012)

4. Finish year one of my Masters (Completed Summer 2011)

5. Try new things

* Aerial Dance

* Shooting

* Flying over my family home

6. Pay off my car (March, 2012)

7. Reconnect with old friends

8. Go on an overnight motorcycle trip (completed on 6-16 through 6-29, 2011)

* Overnight Motorcycle Trip

* Savannah, GA

9. Celebrate the life of Grams (Completed on 7-16, 2011)

10. Read 6 books for pleasure (6 out of 6)

11. Create some art (Did several DIY projects)

12. Drink more water

13. Write 100 blog posts (completed on 10-13-11)

* 1ooth Post

14. Learn to live in the moment

15. Try new recipes

* Recipes

16. Travel as much as possible (Summer 2011)

* Columbus, MS

* Greenville, SC

* Dallas, Part 1

* Dallas, Part 2

* Dallas, Part 3

17. Write some snail mail to friends and family

18. Increase my savings account

19. Set up a filing system for all important papers

20. Purge unimportant papers (work in progress, but has been started!)

21. Run a half marathon(completed Hotter than Hades Virtual Half on August 13, 2011)

* Hotter than Hades Virtual Half

* Secret City Half Marathon

* ING Miami Half Marathon

22. Discover the charm of Market Square (completed on June 24, 2011)

* Market Square

23. Implement weights into my workout routine

24. Learn to relax and go with the flow

25. Get rid of clothes I don’t wear (Fall 2011 and Spring 2012)

26. Keep a plant alive (I have a brown thumb)

* Cacti

27. Keep in better contact with family

28. Try a dark hair color (completed September, 2011)

* Darker Hair

29. Grow a thicker skin — this is a big one

30. Enjoy the last year in my 20s!!

8 thoughts on “30 before 30

  1. Love this idea, totally stealing it too. I only have 7 months left before I’m 30 so maybe I can still finish 30 of my smaller/easier things. Then do a BIG over the top 40 before I’m 40 list…

  2. It’s a great idea. It gets a bit cumbersome, if you think about it, to keep it up — 70 before 70!!! Then again, maybe it makes sense ’cause you’d better be hurryin’ up then!
    By the way — no 2? Wanna edit the spelling?
    There’s some there that I’m still working on!
    Good luck with the minimalist — it’s not in your genes!

  3. Hi Liz! I just found your site when a friend of mine recommended I search for other bloggers doing 30 before 30 lists. I just started mine, but it’s got a twist. I’m trying to use the remaining 30 days before I turn 30 to raise 30K for charity. Crazy? Maybe. But I figure I can try, right?! Check it out: http://30before30in30.blogspot.com/

    Enjoy working through your list! I especially have been working on #24 and #29. I was successful at #25 and it felt great to donate them or sell at resale clothing shops!

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