About Me

Over the years I have done many things to try and think of story ideas, how to decide if my writing should be fiction or non-fiction, how to chose an audience to write to, how to make the ideas relevant to my audience, whether to entertain with my writing or inform, whether to write my stories or speak them.

The reason I am creating this site is to ask you to journey with me as I try to make sense of my life experiences in light of all the information about writing, becoming a writer and what to write about that you and I have at our finger tips on the internet. Oh, for sure we have always had much information available to us in our libraries, but if you are like me, writing is a feeling sport and in order for my feelings to be nurtured during the process, I need to be rather sedentary for longs periods of time processing my thoughts and feelings and all that wonderful information good and bad that we have on the internet. This means that having access to your observations, criticisms, thoughts, feelings or whatever to the information I share with you as to its quality and interest will be necessary if I am to use my time well and give you what you want.

I love to talk about writing and reading in all its forms and if you have anything interesting that you want to share or any opinions of any of the content I have created on my site, please do speak up. I love feedback in every form.

So, please comment often and comment well. And I will try and respond to everything that you write.

So now to me…

I received a Bachelor’s Degree from Dominican University in Sociology and Psychology. I’ve taken Continuing Education classes my entire life in subjects like chemistry, physics, economics, psychology, religion, education, history, story telling, singing and more.

I have raised a beautiful daughter alone while working in a family business bookkeeping, interviewing, hiring and dispatching, childcare and nursing personnel to homes, hospitals and hotels in my local metropolitan area.

I am now retired, and realize that I have shelves filled with those black and white college journal note books and binders filled stories, ideas, how tos, advice and reflections that I have written over the years and realize ‘geeze,’ I haven’t finished writing any of these beginnings. Isn’t it about time to get to the middles and ends of all those beginnings? Actually, I have been painfully aware all along that I wasn’t finishing anything.

I remember being told by boy friends, in my early dating years, things like: ‘Well that’s a good start’ or ‘ you’re achievement oriented, why don’t you achieve finishing some of your writing?’ Over the years I would tip toe past the shelves in the spare room like tip toeing by the room of a sleeping baby. Not wanting to look into those journals for fear of waking a sleeping infant who would then give me no peace until I saw to its needs and since I realized I was woefully un-equipped to satisfy the needs of those stories to have quality middles and ends, I just nodded respectfully as I walked by and got the object in the room that I needed to complete my task in another part of the house and forgot about these sleeping babies for years and years and years.

So, now that I have the time and with the internet, the resources to pursue my life long love hate relationship with writing, I ask you to journey with me being my greatest fans when appropriate and my greatest critics when needed. What I want the most honest and truthful critique about is how much and in what ways I am helping you to achieve your goals.   If I’m not helping you with your goals then I am not achieving mine. And I’m too old and my granddaughter is growing too fast for me to keep tip toeing by those shelves any longer.

I say hate because of all the times I have begun to write and have ‘failed’ to finish what I started. I have shelves full of journals that have stories and ideas and ‘how tos’ that I wrote out over the many years I have been writing before the internet gave me a paperless option and time to write them, as I said, no running to the library for the information I needed.

What makes me, a writing failure, qualified to share information and knowledge with you about how to be a successful writer? I am not sure, but exploring the process with you seems to me to be the best way for both of us to sort out the good from the bad. I have time, perhaps more than you to do thorough research on the topics I am writing about and my failure status, I think, makes me uniquely qualified to help you navigate the pitfalls that you may and probably will encounter as you begin your writing career because believe it or not even though you may be promoting a product on you website, you will be writing about it every day, so writing high quality information about your product is going to become your second career.


I am hoping to find my writing passion and that with you. share with my granddaughter the tremendous knowledge I am gaining about the world of the internet that she will be an intimate part of someday. Actually, she is already answering her mom’s smart phone now when I call and she is only 3 years old.  I am hoping to be able to hold up my end of the conversations we will someday have about what I do all day. And I want it to be something that she will have had some experience with and most probably very interested in..

I am hoping to show everyone who may be the least bit timid about earning money on-line just how doable it can be for those of us who have little or no knowledge of how to work with the Internet and Google and Marketing but lots of motivation to gain that knowledge. I’m not going to say that it is easy. Though some more seasoned may feel that it is, but I will admit that it has been a challenge for me. A lot of hard, work, patience mostly, but a challenge that has helped me grow in my personality, spirit and attitude toward getting me results that attract people to the value that I am offering.

I blog and post about every pitfall I encounter. You should too. Start making lists of those things that hold you up, get in your way, stop you from starting, continuing, or finishing any piece of writing that you being. I hope to provide you with exercises that you can do that will hopefully give you the experience and knowledge you need to take off on your own writing career.

Hopefully you can follow along with me, do the exercises that I recommend to help you produce better quality writing and perhaps even produce writing that you can use on a blog site to help you help others with your insights. Good writing is never done in a vacuum, it takes a village.


I am hoping that you and I together can shape this blog into being some of the highest quality information that you can find on the internet.


Wake The World With Your Words