What Is This Blog About

 Writing is one of the oldest professions known to human beings.

Writing defines a culture, records a culture, molds and models a culture,

sells a culture and entertains and provides a living for many of the members within a culture.

Because of the great diversity of writing purposes that motivate writers, there have arisen a wide and exciting array of types and classifications of writing. A few are: Personal journaling, professional journaling, theological and philosophical reflections, information articles, technical articles, how-to guides, novels, short stories, ad copy, reporting and there are many more.

When I have traditionally thought of doing my own writing, I think of hand-writing private thoughts into a journal under lock and key. I was fortunate when I stepped out into taking a creative writing course in college to have been encouraged by my teacher to continue writing for others enjoyment. And because I enjoy writing so very much and would like to do it full time, I am now exploring with this blog the exciting world of writing for income.  There are many models for using quality writing to sell other people’s products while you take a share of the profits. I am going to show you some of them in this blog as well.


Wake The World With Your Words