Weekly Workouts (3-26 through 4-1)

I am sad to report, that for the first time this year, I did not get in four workouts! I did get in three, which is better than nothing. I felt like I was dragging this week — pretty sure the high pollen count was not helping. Friday I felt like I was in a fog all day — thanks Spring pollen!

Monday — off

Tuesday — Insanity Pure Cardio — 40 minutes. I sweat more with Insanity than any other workout I ever do! Sadly this was my only insanity workout all week, so my plan is to redo week 2 of Insanity this next week!

Wednesday — off

Thursday — Tracy and I met to walk around the small track at school. We had much to catch up, and before we knew it we had walked at a good pace for an hour! It felt great to get in some fresh air and walk outside!

Friday and Saturday — off

SundayCovenant Health Knoxville 5k. My fire and passion to run has been re-ignited! I love races — probably a big reason why I run!

How were your workouts this week?

Covenant Health Knoxville 5K

Happy April Fools day and Palm Sunday! This morning I participated in the Covenant Health Knoxville 5k. A co-worker of mine and I had first talked about running the half, but at the last-minute after neither of us had truly trained, we opted to just sign up for the 5k. Diana and I met in the parking garage at 7 a.m. to have plenty of time to park and make it down to watch the marathoners and half-marathoners start.

This morning it was very foggy and a tad bit chilly, but perfect weather to start a run (maybe even a bit hot for the longer races).

We got to the start line with some time to people watch. It was during this time of people watching and hearing the national anthem, that I realized I love running — especially races! I had a couple of feelings — 1. I can get the feeling of a race with 5ks and 10ks — which is great. 2. I love the half-marathon distance. I almost felt inadequate in that all I was running was a 5k — I love the feeling of accomplishing a half -marathon. It might be time to look for another half-marathon. Okay.. now to finish telling you about the 5k!

The first group to take off were the wheel-chairs — there was only two this year! These people inspire me and remind me how much I often take for granted. My hats off to them!!

A few minutes later, the marathoners and half-marathoners got to  start their race! Oh I know the excitement and nervousness they are feeling! Good luck to all of them!

Our pre-race picture! We are ready to go! We got to start at 7:45 — 15 minutes after the marathoners and half-marathoners.

Finally, it was our time to start. I told Diana she was free to run and go at her pace, but she was nice and opted to stick with me.

Mile 1 done! 11.09 pace, 99 calories burned, 170 bpm!

Mile 2 complete! I remember now why I don’t like the Knoxville half-marathon — there are way TOO many hills! I have got to start adding hill training into my running routines. Stats — 11.19 pace, 103 calories burned, 173 bpm.

Diana ran the Knoxville marathon last year, so I had her pose by mile 26! What an accomplishment!

Mile 3 — almost done! 11.00 pace, 105 calories burned, 176 bpm.

.1 — Time to turn it on! 8.43 pace, 13 calories burned, 183 bpm! Another race completed!!

Finish stats (these are per my Garmin 405) — 34.46 minutes, 11.03 pace, 320 calories burned, 173 bpm, 3.15 miles run (all the darting in an out of other runners/walkers).

After we got water and cooled off, we hung around for a few minutes to see the half-marathon winner — he came in around 1 hour, 6 minutes — impressive! The top female for the half-marathon came in around 1 hour, 16 minutes! Congrats to all the winners!

Do you enjoy races? What is your favorite race distance?