Traditions — Old and New

Happy Monday — I hope you all had a great Easter/Passover this past weekend. Jason was working, so I went home Saturday night to spend Easter with my family. I started the day with old traditions and ended my day starting a new tradition. Let me back up and start at the beginning.

Mom, Dan and I woke up early to make it to the 6:45 Easter Sunrise Service — we have been going to this for years and years and it is one of my favorite parts of Easter. The full moon was out when we got there, and then we were able to see the sunrise — what neat opportunity.

Second tradition of the day was to go to Cracker Barrel for breakfast — yum-yum. I love Cracker Barrel’s breakfast, and after waking up early it is just a fun tradition. After breakfast, we went home to shower and get ready for church. After a lovely message and music at church, our family went to Ruby Tuesdays to have lunch and a surprise birthday party for Dad. I love surprises like that! Sadly after the sunrise service, I forgot to bring out my camera, so no pics of the birthday party. :( Happy Birthday Dad!!

My new tradition for the day was an Easter dinner with friends. I love old traditions that have been done for years, but I also love to start new traditions.  A friend of mine and her boyfriend decided to have a few couples over for dinner. Dinner was amazing — with a nice salad, ribs, jalapeno foccacia bread, and fabulous company. All in all, yesterday was a near perfect day.

How was your Easter/Passover?